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Boro Park Shomrim Successfully Recovers Suitcases Mistakenly Left Behind In Yellow Taxi Cab

Multiple Shomrim volunteers immediately canvassed the surrounding areas, but there was no trace of the cab.

Meanwhile, additional volunteers started reviewing camera footage from nearby stores and dash-cams that the taxi passed, in hopes of capturing the unique taxi number.

After hours of hard work, a camera with the perfect angle was located and the volunteers made contact with the owner. With the owner living in Williamsburg and not have much knowledge on how to review his cameras, the Boro Park volunteers reached out to their partners in Williamsburg Shomrim. WSPU volunteers went to where he lived and successfully obtained the footage. Once they had the info, the cab driver was contacted.

Earlier this afternoon, Shomrim volunteers drove out to where the driver was located, recovered the suitcases and reunited them with the owner.


Tracking the cab could’ve been much easier had the rider taken down the cab number. Shomrim reminds everyone to write down the vehicle info when taking a ride with a taxi or car service etc and in the event something is mistakenly left behind, it’ll be much easier to have it returned.