About Us

Who We Are

Historical Background and Operations: Brooklyn south safety patrol (Shomrim) was founded in 1989 by Jospeh Goldstein, Abe Caztow and Hershy Rubinstein.
What originally started as a volunteer anti-crime patrol, has since evolved into a multi-faceted organization, assisting the community in all matters both crime and non-crime related. Our well trained, highly motivated and dedicated team of 150 members, 15 dispatchers, respond both day and night to a 24/7 emergency hotline which fields 10,000 calls per year.

What We Do

Shomrim volunteers are ready to take on any non-medical emergency including

Search & Rescue

Shomrim coordinates and provides manpower for missing person searches working hand-in-hand with local police departments. Shomrim’s mobile command center and specialty equipment, together with a dedicated cadre of trained volunteers have proven highly successful in this area.

Weather Emergencies

During natural disasters, Shomrim comes prepared for the challenge by providing generators, helping evacuate in flood locations, and assisting with critical lighting, heating and cooling needs.

Neighborhood Security

Shomrim’s dedicated team responds instantly to any suspicious activity locals report investigating, locating, observing and reporting suspicious activity to local police. Working together, Shomrim makes our community a safer place.

Shabbos Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol cars travel a set route through many local neighborhoods to assist those who find themselves needing to avail themselves of such services on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Community Safety Awareness and Events

Shomrim is actively involved in raising safety awareness. Shomrim’s popular yearly fair includes giveaways such as helmets and reflectors; bike registration to discourage thefts and demonstrations on the proper installation of car seats. Shomrim also provides lighting, security efforts, and traffic control for community events.

Crisis Management

First on the scene in many cases during a crisis or when tragedy strikes, Shomrim advocates and helps families in need of comfort or assistance.

Item Retrieval

Shomrim is happy to help find and recover valuables that were lost, left behind or are beyond reach.

Mission Statement

Boro Park Shomrim mission is to assist anyone, wherever there is a non-medical need, in whatever way possible in a completely altruistic manner. Shomrim is here to help save both time and money while at the same time helping to maintain and create a safe, happy, stress free environment for all.

Our Volunteers

Shomrim’s team of over 150 trained volunteers is available 24 hours a day. Directed professionally by Shomrim’s dispatchers utilizing the most sophisticated dispatching system available, Shomrim is able to ensure that each call is handled in a timely, professional manner.